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Starting a new mini comic

Posted by recreator2099 - August 4th, 2020

Im planning to start a new mini comic

Injustice: Whores Among Us

basically sexual escapades of superheroines in the injustice universe..

i got 2 ideas so far

darkseid's multiverse ending- supergirl being fucked by darkseid while he makes clark watch

clark not wanting to kill joker initially but diana blows him and tells him she will make sure the entire population of themyscira submits to his will as his personal harem if he agrees to try killing criminals...

if you guys got better ideas, hit me up

Comments (5)

First of all, I love that comic title. My idea for this would be the young heroes Blue Beetle and Firestorm punishing/spitroasting the evil Supergirl and making her their cum dump after beating her in a battle. What do you think?

i like that but i honestly hate the injustice 2 insugrency lol i wanted to kill them off

@BullbasaurusRex @recreator2099 I totally understand that. How about Bane beating/fucking Supergirl?

that could work

my idea is for Superman to tell robin (damian wayne) that in exchange for joining the regime he would give him anything he wants. Damian after thinking about it whispers to Superman his desire, then we see damian fucking the captured women of the insurgency, such as Harley Quinn, catwoman and batgirl or black canary who since then would be his sexual slaves ;)

yeah i like it but you know it feels a little too close to majin goten lol

More gine pls

Majin Goten getting Bulma, Chichi, and Videl pregnant and fuck them while they insult their husbands.